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Just wanted to say "Thank you" for such amazing service, two guys worked their butts off removing a tree off my electrical wires. Three other companies declined to help, but these men were focused and very professional...
—KJ G.

We take great pride in knowing our crews are dependable and efficient.

Crews are promptly dispatched to respond to the critical needs of the area. We have dispatched crews in the past for minor tree related vehicle accidents as well as major storms like "The Great Ice Storm of 1998", Hurricane Bob and Tropical Storm Irene.

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Barnes Tree Service

Barnes Tree Service

Barnes Tree Service

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Services Offered

  • Pruning: Trees should be pruned to remove dead branches that may become a falling danger. Thinning out limbs will allow proper light and air to flow while corrective pruning can shape any tree.
  • Tree Removal: Trees can be removed for a variety of reasons. Many times they have visible signs of decay or insect infestation. Sometimes they need to be removed for construction purposes. No matter what the reason, our expertise is what you need.
  • Stump Grinding: Stumps left in the ground after a tree has been removed can be an eye sore or a fall risk. The solution is stump grinding. The machine will grind the stump below ground level so that all signs of the tree are gone.
  • Utility Line Tree Clearing: Proper utility line tree pruning is essential for uninterrupted electric, telephone, and cable service. Our employees are Certified Utility Line Tree Clearance Arborists making them specialists in this field.
  • Log Removal: We provide the removal and disposal of all wood from trees we remove.
  • Brush Removal: Our employees will chip brush from a pile you have gathered or from our tree removal/pruning process.
  • Vegetation Mowing: Experienced tractor operators will mow your small trees, briars, and unsightly growth.

Stihl Dealership Barnes Tree Service a Stihl dealership. We offer a wide variety of Stihl products at competitive prices as well as service and repairs.

Barnes Tree Service

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